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The Spiritual Entrepreneur Directory houses both services and products of the sacred, mystical and practical. From coaching to astrology to womb healing support, you can also take a look at getting a reading whether it be tarot, oracle or runes. In our product section you can explore alter items, jewelry, clothing, subscription boxes, card decks and more.

This directory is for the seeker. Those exploring all the different facets of spirituality, those who desire guidance, support and we offer a safe and trusted place for exploration. The listings of this directory are filled with beautiful souls who's mission is to help others explore their deepest yearnings on their path.


Full Moon in Pisces 2017

Happy Full Moon in Pisces! This full moon is about compassion, unification and feelings. The energy is gentle, soothing, and sensitive. Events may occur now to heighten our awareness of any conflict between what we think and what we feel about the subjects at hand. The purpose is to illuminate whatever needs resolution...


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